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More men suffer but more women die of CVD
Understanding how cardiovascular disease impacts men and women differently is key to saving lives. So is better access to digital healthcare.
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How we get a runner’s high: new biological mechanisms give endorphins a run for their money
We all know that exercise is physically good for us, strengthening our heart and building our muscles. But it also has plenty of psychological benefits too, warding off depression and anxiety. Recent research sheds new light on why.
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Breast cancer: award yourself a pink ribbon by performing regular self-examinations and learning to understand common changes
Finding a lump in one of your breasts, or noticing a sudden change is something that every woman dreads. Yet the reality is that, in most instances, there’s nothing to worry about and everything to be gained from performing regular checks.
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When chest pain doesn’t mean a heart attack
Your chest hurts, but the pain lies elsewhere. Here are some reasons why.
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How to create a successful med-tech company, first, second, third or fourth time round
In the first of a two-part series, one of India’s leading healthcare entrepreneurs outlines the challenges and opportunities facing the digital therapeutics sector
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Alzheimer’s: new thinking on securing release from the disease known as the living death sentence
Many countries are falling short of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) dementia targets. Why is it proving difficult to combat the disease that so many of us fear? But there are hopeful signs, as new Alzheimer’s drugs reach the approval stage and we all become more aware of simple steps we can take to reduce our risk levels.
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It isn’t all in your head: Long Covid fuels hope for better understanding and treatment of chronic fatigue
Chronic fatigue and associated conditions rank among the world’s least understood diseases. Some sufferers aren’t even aware they have a medical problem. Those that do know often face the additional burden of sceptical friends and family who think they’re “just depressed”
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Why having a lunchtime nap is more important than a few more ticks on the to-do list
The science is very clear. There are lots of health benefits to taking a lunchtime nap no matter how busy we think we are. In fact, that’s the main reason to have one
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Thriving beyond surviving: how to handle the emotional consequences of serious illness
Getting the all clear is the just first stage on an, often, bumpy road back to living a full life again. Here in part one of a special series on rehabilitation, we examine the need for better emotional support.
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When Should I Approach Medix?
The answer is quite simple: When you wish to ensure you are receiving the best possible medical care.
India’s humanitarian and health crisis spurs medical community response
India’s Covid-19 crisis almost defies belief. As a medical company, we are doing what we can, in our own small way, to help alleviate some of the pressure.
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Skin cancer: shining a light on rising rates and lesser-known risks
Most of us know that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases skin cancer risk and that darker skins enjoy better protection. But there are other risk factors too and these apply to all of us wherever we are.
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Medix conducts inaugural Digital Health Innovation Challenge India
Three cutting-edge start-ups from a diverse pool of over 110 applicants are garlanded for the kind of entrepreneurial vision that can help India to build an accessible and affordable healthcare system fit for its 1.4 billion population. There are plenty of lessons for other countries too.
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The anxiety paradox: developing resilience by embracing painful emotions
Rising prosperity and our digitally connected world are spawning record levels of stress and anxiety. How can we learn to manage them better?
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The crucial role that chance plays in the creation of life-saving drugs
It’s not something that scientists typically like to draw attention to, but it’s often serendipity that leads to medical breakthroughs
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How Covid-19 is showing (again) that illness is a mix of sociology and biology
The pandemic’s transmission and death rates are highlighting a stark gulf between the rich and poor particularly in a number of high-income countries. It’s heralding renewed calls for change. Will it be different this time?
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Finding new ways to connect Parkinson’s neurological dots
Can scientists slow down or stop the world’s fasting growing neurodegenerative disease in its tracks?
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When the Heart Gets Out of Control: What is Atrial Fibrillation and How Can You Cope With It?
It’s the most common heart arrhythmia disorder in the world but remains very difficult to diagnose. This is what you can do to reduce your risk.
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Rheumatoid arthritis: immunologists explore pathways from chronic condition to cure
Rheumatoid arthritis drugs are being used to treat Covid-19 patients. Will the pandemic deepen our understanding of the world’s most common autoimmune disease, helping scientists to find ways to prevent it rather than manage the symptoms?
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Genetics and big tech bring immunity from cancer a few steps closer
It’s all about the immune system: the past decade has been a game changer as scientists deploy genetics and technology to aid the body’s natural ability to seek and destroy cancer cells.
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Year of the Ox: strong and sturdy future predicted for Traditional Chinese Medicine
The most ancient of medical practises is being increasingly welcomed in hospitals across the world even though critics argue that more clinical data is needed to prove its effectiveness.
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The science of happiness: books that help to cultivate a positive psychology
We could all benefit from more joy and fulfillment in our lives in 2021. Here are some book recommendations that help to point the way.
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Growing from Trauma
Not everything happens for the better, but we can always learn from the worst
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Future of healthcare: Covid-19 will be the great game changer
The positive legacy of this terrible pandemic will be an acceleration of sweeping changes across all aspects of medicine and healthcare. Here’s how I believe it will shape better and stronger healthcare landscapes as soon as 2021.
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Myocarditis: Covid-19’s hidden risk?
Even athletes who’ve recovered from a mild bout of Covid-19 are sustaining heart damage according to recent academic research. It’s dividing opinion about the danger the virus poses to the young, fit and healthy.
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Men’s health: X doesn’t mark the spot for the male immune system
The global pandemic makes it more important than ever to understand how men’s immune systems differ from women’s and how to boost it.
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Type 2 Diabetes: Why junking fast food is the right recipe
What are the small indicators of this growing but frequently undiagnosed illness and what can you do to combat it?
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TB: Why has it still not been eradicated?
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that’s likely to kill more people in Asia this year than Covid-19. But there are finally new treatments and more funding on the horizon.
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Peak Dengue: hope that the virus may finally be eradicated
It’s shaping up to be another record-breaking year for infections in parts of Asia. But optimism abounds that 2020 will mark a turning point in the fight against the mosquito-borne disease.
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Blue sky thinking about the air we breathe
Will COVID-19 change attitudes about a much bigger killer, air pollution?
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Steroids: raising the bar in COVID-19 treatment
Hope for patients with severe symptoms as recent trials suggest that certain corticosteroids stop the immune system from overreacting and creating the cytokine inflammatory storm that causes organ damage. But caution may also be warranted.
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4 Medical Revolutions Sparked by Pandemics
From the invention of the modern hospital to the development of vaccines, pandemics have had an enormous impact on our well-being, be it through revolutionary developments in the healthcare industry or innovation in medical science. Here are a few examples
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Review Your Imaging Twice
Choosing a radiologist is just as important as picking your surgeon
In Case of a Mini Stroke
Symptoms are similar to a regular Stroke, however it usually dose not result in neurological damage. Should we still have to worry?
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